Postpaid Mobile Bill

Mobile has become the indispensible gadget in everybody's life. Each and every player in telephone acumen in the country is in the ambience of online mobile bill payment weaved and offered by Multyplus The entire process is just a cake walk activity. One has to just get registered with us and can avail the option of easily paying the post paid telephone bills with the help of secure and robust online system. Such facility is tabled with the only intention to do away with the chaos and trouble involved in going to the mobile service provider's office in order to make the payment of the bill.

The customer can take a chill pill and get relieved of the bill payment as every month, the online facility of Multyplus saves lot of time and efforts involved in paying the bills. And above all one is ensured of settling the bills before the stipulated time period and can continue using their mobile services.

It takes pride to bring the post paid bill payment right to your door steps and what you have to so is just click and the transaction is transpired in span of few minutes.

Landline Telephone Bill

Are you tired of standing in long queues for paying your landline telephone bill every month? Then think practically and resort to the Multyplus Pvt. Ltd. online landline phone bill payment utility service. This facility is weaved by the presidium of talented and vibrant software personnel of the company with the only intention to provide the customer to make the land line phone bill payment in a easy, safe and secure manner via internet. One can go for the option by opting the periodic instructions in sync to the bill payment transaction or else give standing instructions to have the bank account debited on the due date with the bill amount. Almost all the landline providers such as BSNL, MTNL, Reliance, Aircel, Airtel etc have come under the ambience of this state of art landline bill payment facility architected by assiduous personnel of Multyplus.

It is just this simple- Log in to our website and enter your landline number details and finish off the bill payment transactions with just few clicks.

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