Following are the features of our Distributor Panel

  • Create unlimited retailers/agents under your distributor account..
  • Add balance to your retailers/agents using your distributor account balance.
  • Balance transfer facility between agents/retailers.
  • Change all agents/retailers password unlimited times as you wish.
  • Modify/delete retailers/agents under you.
  • View all transaction made by your retailers/agents under your distributor account.
  • You have to maintain only single balance with us via NEFT/Cash Deposit/DD. Your balance will be created within 2 hours.
  • Instant margin credit to both distributor and retailers to their balance on every recharge.
  • Fast recharge responses less than 5-8 seconds online and less than 20 seconds offline.
  • No LAPPU based recharge, we use operator instant recharge api.
  • Dual layer recharge api which gives 99.99% success rate. In case recharge failed from one layer api then our system automatically switches to second layer api within 2 seconds and complete the recharge request.
  • Your retailers/agent can recharge from unlimited different mobile number, there is no restriction on using single mobile number.
  • Instant free sms alert to your retailer/agent when you create his/her account with welcome sms (white label)
  • Instant free sms alert to your retailer/agent when you add balance to his/her account with current balance and transaction details.
  • Instant free sms alert for every recharge made by retailer/agent to them.
  • Instant free sms alert when agent/retailer password changed.
  • Instant free sms alert to both parties when balance transfer from one to another.
  • Free Java and Android application for you and your retailers/agents.
  • Free website for all your retailers/agents.

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